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New Publications from Harris Center Associates

Camerota, F., H. Vasconcelos, S. Powell, Galen Priest, and Robert J. Marquis. 2015. Limited effects of extrafloral nectaries on the structure of arboreal ant communities of a Neotropical savanna , Ecology, Vol. 96, pp. 231 - 240. Click here to read

Del-Claro, Kleber and Robert J. Marquis. 2105. Fire and ant species composition influence the outcome of an ant-plant-herbivore association in a Neotropical savanna. Biotropica 47: 459 - 467. Click here to read

Forister, M., and P. D. Coley, I. R. Diniz, M. Fox, A. Glassmire, R. Hazen, J. Hrcek, J. Jahner, T. J. Kozubowski, T. Kursar, John Lill, Robert J. Marquis, H. C. Morais, M. Murakami, V. Novotny, A. K. Panorska, N. Pardikes, Robert E. Ricklefs, M. S. Singer, A. Smilanich, J. O. Stireman, D. L. Wagner, T. Walla, G. D. Weiblen, and L. A. Dyer. The global distribution of diet breadth in insect herbivores. 2015. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, Vol. 112, pp. 442 - 447. Click here to read

Orrock, J.L., and Humberto P. Dutra, Robert J. Marquis, and Nick Barber. 2015. Apparent competition and native consumers exacerbate the strong competitive effect of an exotic plant species, Ecology, Vol. 96, pp. 1052 - 1061. Click here to read

Tello, J.S., Myers, J.A., Macía, M.J., Fuentes, A.F., Cayola, L., Arellano, G., Maria Isabel Loza, Vania Torrez, Cornejo, M., Miranda,T.B., and P. M. Jørgensen, 2015. Elevational gradients in β-diversity reflect variation in the strength of local community assembly mechanisms across spatial scales. PLoS ONE 10, e0121458. Click here to read

Ben H. Warren, Daniel Simberloff, Robert E. Ricklefs, Robin Aguilée, Fabien L. Condamine, Dominique Gravel, Hélène Morlon, Nicolas Mouquet, James Rosindell, Juliane Casquet, Elena Conti, Josselin Cornuault, José María Fernández-Palacio, Tomislav Hengl, Sietze J. Norder, Kenneth F. Rijsdijk, Isabel Sanmartín, Dominique Strasberg, Kostas A. Triantis, Luis M. Valente, Robert J. Whittaker, Rosemary G. Gillespie, Brent C. Emerson, Christophe Thébaud. Islands as model systems in ecology and evolution: prospects fifty years after McArthur-Wilson. Ecology Letters. DOI: 10.1111/ele.12398, January 2015. Click here to read

Matthew L Forister, Vojtech Novotny, Anna K. Panorska, Leontine Baje, Yves Basset, Philip T. Butterill, Lukas Cizek, Phyllis D. Coley, Francesa Dem, Ivone R. Diniz, Pavel Drozd, Mark Fox, Andrea E. Glassmire, Rebecca Hazen, Jan Hrcek, Joshua P. Jahner, Ondrej Kaman, Tomas J. Kozubowski, Thomas A. Kursar, Owen T. Lewis, John Lill, Robert J. Marquis, Scott E. Miller, Helena C. Morais, Masashi Murakami, Herbert Nickel, Nicholas A. Pardikes, Robert E. Ricklefs, Michael S. Singer, Angela M. Smilanich, John O. Stireman, Santiago Villamarin-Cortez, Stepan Vodka, Martin Volf, David L. Wagner, Thomas Walla, George D. Weiblen, Lee A. Dyer. The global distribution of diet breadth in insect herbivores. PNAS. doi 10.1073/pnas.1423042112, December 2014. Click here to read

Coelho, M.S., Vincenzo A. Ellis, B. A. Loiselle, J.G. Blake, Robert E. Ricklefs. Reciprocal specialization in multi-host malaria parasite communities of birds: a temperate-tropical comparison. The American Naturalist. Vol. 184, No. 5, November 2014. Click here to read

Ellis, Vincenzo A.., M.R. Kunkel, Robert E. Ricklefs. The ecology of host immune responses to chronic avian haemosporidian infection. Oecologia. Volume 176, Issue 3, November 2014. Click here to read

Gamba, Diana, F. Almeda. Systematics of the Octopleura Clade of Miconia (Melastomatacae: Miconieae) in Tropical America. Phytotaxa. September 2014. Click here to read

Ricklefs, Robert E., D.C. Outlaw, M. Svensson-Coelho, M.C.I. Medeiros, Vincenzo A. Ellis, S. Latta. Species formation by host shifting in avian malaria parasites. PNAS. August 2014. Click here to read

Hart, Robbie, J. Salick, S. Ranjitkar, Xu Jianchu. Herbarium specimens show contrasting phenological responses to Himalayan climate. PNAS. June 2014. Click here to read

Baer, C.S., R.J. Marquis. 2014. Native leaf-tying caterpillars influence host plant use by the invasive Asiatic oak weevil through ecosystem engineering. Ecology. Click here to read (article highlighted in Science and UMSL Daily)

Medeiros, M.C.I., Vincenzo A. Ellis, Robert E. Ricklefs. Specialized avian Haemosporida trade reduced host breadth for increased prevalence. Journal of Evolutionary Biology. October 2014. Click here to read

González A.D., N.E. Matta, Vincenzo A. Ellis, Eliot T. Miller, Robert E. Ricklefs, H.R. Gutiérrez. Mixed Species Flock, Nest Height, and Elevation Partially Explain Avian Haemoparasite Prevalence in Colombia. PLoS ONE. June 2014. Click here to read

Miller, Eliot T., S.K. Wagner. The vocalizations and species status of the White-lined and Kimberly Honeyeaters. Emu. May 2014. Click here to read

Cornwell, W.K., M. Westovy, D.S. Falster, R.G. FitzJohn, B.C. O'Meara, M.W. Pennell, D.J. McGlinn, J.M. Eastman, A.T. Moles, P.B. Reich, D.C. Tank, I.J. Wright, L. Aarssen, J.M. Beaulieu, R.M. Kooyman, Eliot T. Miller, Ü. Niinemets, J. Oleksyn, A. Ordonez, D.L. Royer, S.A. Smith, Peter F. Stevens, L. Warman, P. Wilf, A. Zanne. Functional distinctiveness of major plant lineages. Journal of Ecology. March 2014. Click here to read

Osazuwa-Peters O.L., S.J. Wright, A.E. Zanne. 2014. Radial variation in wood specific gravity of tropical tree species differing in growth-mortality strategies. PubMed. Click here to read

Soares, Letícia, F. Abad-Franch, G. Ferraz. Epidemiology of cutaneous leishmaniasis in central Amazonia: a comparison of sex-biased incidence among rural settlers and field biologists. TM&IH. May 2014. Click here to read

Serena Achá has two chapters in the upcoming Catalogue of the Vascular Plants of Bolivia:
Achá, S. & R. Liesner. Myristicaceae. In: P.M. Jørgensen, M.H. Nee & S. G. Beck. (eds.). Catálogo de plantas vasculares de Bolivia. Monogr. Syst. Bot. Missouri Bot. Gard.
K. Romoleroux, R.I. Meneses & S. Achá. Rosaceae In: P.M. Jørgensen, M.H. Nee & S. G. Beck. (eds.). Catálogo de plantas vasculares de Bolivia. Monogr. Syst. Bot. Missouri Bot. Gard.

Fidisoa T. Rasambainarivo, RE Junge, and RJ Lewis. Biomedical evaluation of Verreaux’s sifaka (Propithecus verreauxi) in the Kirindy Mitea National Park, Madagascar. Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine. June 2014. Click here to read

Bublitz DC, Wright PC, Bodager JR, Rasambainarivo, Fidisoa T., Bliska JB, et al. (2014) Epidemiology of Pathogenic Enterobacteria in Humans, Livestock, and Peridomestic Rodents in Rural Madagascar. PLoS ONE. July 2014. Click here to read

Bublitz, D. C., Wright, P. C., Rasambainarivo Fidisoa T., Arrigo-Nelson, S. J., Bodager, J. R. and Gillespie, T. R. (2014), Pathogenic enterobacteria in lemurs associated with anthropogenic disturbance. Am. J. Primatol. October 2014. Click here to read

Gamba, Diana F., Almeda, M. Alvear. 2014. Miconia indicoviolacea (Melastomataceae: Miconieae): a new Colombian species from the western flanks of the cordillera Occidental. Phytotaxa. August 2014. Click here to read

Kent, L. & Zuleyma Tang-Martinez. Evidence of individual odors and individual discrimination in the raccoon, Procyon lotor. Journal of Mammalogy. July 2014. Click here to read

Arellano, G., M. Isabel Loza, J.S. Tello, M.J. Macia. Commoness and Rarity determinants of woody plants in different types of tropical forest. Biodiversity and Conservation. November 2014. Click here to read